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Blanc de Noirs

Wine origin:
5 traditional villages, from the Vallée de l’Ardre to the Monts de Reims, on the western zone of the Reims Mountain.  DELAGARDE - DELOZANNE Wineries.

The grape varieties:
100% Pinot Meunier.

Type of soil :
Sandy clay soils.

41 B.

Average age of the vines:
30 years old.

Manually at optimal maturity, a natural method for a blossoming aroma. Only the top of the cellar (1st juice pressed from the harvest) is used for its production.

4000g pneumatic press for fine and delicate fragmentation.

Winemaking :
Kept in a tank for 6 months for the first alcoholic fermentation. Then moved to the cool. Systematic macolactic fermentation to guarantee the clarity of our Champagnes. Dosage: 6gr/l

Assemblage :
Made up of 100% Meunier (with equal parts from Monts de Reims and Vallée de l'Ardre), the common aim of the winemakers is: to convey the master variety of their production. 20% of reserve wines are in this cuvee. Aging in cellars takes place over a minimum of 36 months.

Pale clear gold, a distinguished nose with cherry plum compote and syrup pear notes. A fresh and elegant, lively and intense palette. Very energetic and strong. We like its frank taste and light foam.

Serving temperature :
8. 10° C.

Marriage with foods:

An excellent partner for festive aperitifs, or simply as a refreshment for summer evenings. You will appreciate this blanc de noir with spreads on country bread and goat pâté. Delicious with a luxury Bresse chicken. It makes an excellent marriage with a little custard pastry or more surprisingly with a crunch of 100% Cacao dark chocolate.

86_min.jpg - 3.66 Kb25 th contest of Independent Winegrowers of France

GH2015.png - 41.97 Kb "This pure sucker collected in 2009 resulted in intensive and rich Champagne. Powerful nose blends candied fruit, plum, honey and a hint of roast. Prelude to a mature mouth and vinous aromas that place of olfaction with a spicy note on the finish. "

gilbert_gaillard_2012.jpg  "Light clear gold. Discrete nose, opening up to fruity notes (cherry plum,
   pears). This fruit is found on a balanced palette, fresh and fleshy.
   A Brut, excellent in itself, to have as an aperitif."