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Personalized services


All our deliveries come in boxes of 6 bottles, 12 half bottles, 1,2,3 magnums. Gift boxes of 1,2,3 bottles, 1,2,3 magnums or 2 flutes+1 bottles are also available upon request.

Cooled cases

We have on offer our Discovery package. You can make up your case as you prefer, bearing in mind the multiple of 6 bottles.

Preservation and tasting advice

The Champagne you buy today is a wine ready for consumption. Aging takes place in our cellars. To ensure optimal quality of our product, keep it in a cool place (10.12ºC), in a dark place, better still, in a cardboard box.

To correctly taste our Champagne, cool it to between 8 and 10ºc with the help of an ice bucket. Champagne is drunk cool and not ice cold. Banish the freezer. Serve your favorite champagne in your champagne in flutes. Champagne cups are not ideal since their wide shape allows the bubbles to escape more quickly. It is preferable to serve a small amount and then top up the glasses, rather than to serve full flutes.


If you can’t visit us on site, we will take care of delivering our champagnes within France (order on line with a secure payment) and outside of France (contact us).


We offer personalized labeling on our bottles.
Text, logos, photos of your choice. Harmonize colors in accordance with your theme (wedding, baptism, communion) or your business.
The timeframe from creation to dispatch is 3 weeks. Tariffs available upon request.